6 Fun Ways to Network While on the Job

The goal of networking is to meet people and form relationships. To share opportunities. To be known by a larger circle of people from a variety of backgrounds and places. This is as important for those people who have a full time job as for those of us independent agents/business owners.

But how can you work networking into your day to day routine, while on the job? Here are some quick, easy (and maybe even fun) ways to do that:

o Company Event planning (Company Open House, Science Fair etc)

o Join an internal committee (like your company’s Annual Conference Planning committee or a “Go Green” committee)

o Birthday club (a once a month birthday celebration)

o Community Volunteer opportunities (Join – or help plan – your company’s local community volunteer activities)

o Gardening/walking clubs and any other social club that is company based

o Mentoring Program (as a mentee or mentor)

Whatever option(s) you choose – Get out! Have fun! Meet people!

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